The nature of God

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    The nature of God

    Our God did not come to us two thousand years ago, He has always been with us. He was here before us and He created us in order to perform His work. Most recently we have known Him in the form of the Christian God - as we Europeans interpreted and went about doing His work - his son and his angels. Before that He was with us in a multitude of forms, ranging from Jupiter to Zeus to Odin to Väinemöinen and countless others through the aeons. He does not care what we call him and what we use for rituals, as long as we remain physically and do his deeds of Good in this world.


    What seems to elude most people, though, is that no single religion sits on all the truth, although there seems to be a lot of individuals - especially on here - who have pieced together a large enough amount of Truth about what is what in this cosmos of ours. Perhaps this will help some of you out there to wake up a bit more to the journey we are on.

    First off is the importance of hardware, or what you could call race. White people essentially have one father God, and despite what you call him He is the source of your animus and to him goes all the prayers you direct. Other people can worship God or our deities, but they are not blessed and seem to turn it into snake worship or some other kind of foreign thing regardless of what they do. There are a lot of evil things in this world that might listen to Bad white people, too, but one can usually tell if it is a thing of evil (left hand path) or something goodly in a matter of instants. Examples of evil would be what the Freemasons teach their members, essentially jewish kabbalism. Prayers and religiosity that has a positive and bright character is ultimately received directly or by intercession by one single force; our God. The eaters of souls are many, but it is few of the immortals that they ever manage to snare, even if they gorge on new souls to left and right. What they do is murder, though, since they prevent these souls from going to the afterlife, reincarnating and essentially developing. They do this by subverting primarily new souls into doing nothing or doing evil. If a person has the hardware required and we can help them to walk the path, we must therefore set good and constructive examples that these children will follow, so that they can not become food for Evil.

    Second is the importance of natural and traditional values. This is what our God wants; for the world to be whole, natural and for our kind to feel a brotherhood with one's own and to also live in peace with ones own. Our God loves constructive endeavors, constructive mentality, positive ideas and following His laws; the laws of nature. Now, I am not saying that he does not occasionally call for the crushing of His enemies, worldly or unholy. He is no wuss, even if He does not send us out killing for nothing.

    Third is the view of death. Here is something that cannot be proven in a scientific manner, I think. It can simply be experienced, and those who know simply knows. We have long had a tradition of going to Valhalla, Elysium, Heaven or some such place for living good, brave and honest lives. Many others believe in reincarnation, until a set of tasks in our God's plan - or enlightenment - have been accomplished. What if one does not exclude the other? I know that it does not. I cannot explain how I do know, simply that I have experienced it and finally wish to talk about it in a structured manner. There are people on this earth who have lived many times and who are sent here time and time again to do certain things. Whether conspicuous or unknown, these are all-important for the unfolding of the story of the world that our God has set. These are all vital to the development of our people. Sometimes, the ways of our God is hard to understand. Especially if one does not understand how he works and how the universe works. A prime example that I have spoken about previously is the grand case of martyrdom that befell the German nation seventy years ago, in the 1940's. Many of us despaired, tore our hair and did not understand how fate could be so cruel as to light up this world for twelve short years and then brutally take it all away with the murder, rape and slavery of untold millions. Most only see what happened and think that we must surely be lost, that we were crushed once and for all. This is not how it works. There is such a thing as cosmic scales, and they must always be balanced. If you wish to have great change, there must also be great sacrifice. That price, or at least a grand down payment on it, was paid in blood and an example of what society we must have was shown to us during those glorious twelve years. Thus we know what we must strive for and improve upon and we know that the Earth has been fed with the blood of heroes. Now these ideas, spread by the Man from Germany, have taken on a myriad of forms and are rapidly growing everywhere in this world of ours at the same time as we are challenged with the greatest threat to our existence in any form since the dawn of time: physical extinction. It is only a small threat, and as long as we bound back and become His followers once more and do His deeds, we will never die. If we live bravely, if we live nobly and naturally we might die again and again. We will spend time here and we will dine with our God - whatever we call Him - and his helpers - whatever we call them - but we are truly immortal. Some of us here and elsewhere are aware of who we were before, and this is something that greatly helps in knowing what you must do and where you must go. For those who have found home among us but who are new spirits, the road is also open to becoming immortal if that is in your nature.

    Fourth is the importance of the good deed, your tasks here on this earth. This task is what everything is all about, both the fate of the world, what once was and what is. If you fulfill these tasks and walk your path, you are rewarded. Your people also benefits from it. You may indeed die in the here and now, but you will grow spiritually and mature as a soul with every time you come and go between the worlds. Think of it as having a job. If you go to your job and do what you are supposed to, you get paid and you can enjoy life, grow as a person (hopefully), support a family and so on. We are perhaps not employees, but we are the knights errant of our God and thus we can only stay in his service and be rewarded by staying in His service as loyal champions of His cause. He is our Lord; he gives and he takes away. For example: stray from your path or do nothing, and you will find a life without love, meaning and you might get punished in the afterlife and on rebirth. Or you might not get rebirth at all if what you did or did not do is bad enough to warrant it. Walk your path and you might be tested cruelly and endure hardships, but you will be rewarded. We all have things to overcome and tests to pass. These things are little to Him, but important in the over-all scheme, not least of all to our own enlightenment. If we are not working towards enlightenment, we may not pass on to doing His greater works in this world or in the heavens. God truly is in the details, but He is also your Father and thus you must always trust in Him, love Him and have faith in Him as you try as best you can to stay on the path you know in your heart is the right one. Rest assured that He also loves you and that he loves our people - our Race - and that everything we go through is the road to the next age, what some call the Age of Aquarius, where things will not be as dark and terrible as they are here and now in what the same people calls the Kali Yuga.
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    Could you please elaborate on what you think this racial element of Spirituality is, exactly? I'm not entirely sure of your meaning, and I'm rather curious to see just how you understand this area to be. Is it that the white race is chosen by God, Imago dei? Whilst other races are, in some respect, inherently cut off from Spirituality? May they overcome this deficience? And what is the cause of this state of affairs, in your opinion?

    Does this apply to non-Whites? And while we're at it, what is the extent of the sacred White race, to whom this Spiritual proximity applies?
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    The good deed

    I believe I owe an explanation of one part here. I mentioned good deeds, but did not say what those were. First off, we have to define the problem with the movements today, because they do not foster the spirit of making good deeds, for the most part. On the other hand there are some, like the Golden Dawn, who obviously are very positive in nature. But most movements and people who seek to good will face a problem.

    To solve a problem, it must first be defined. When it is defined, most often you also know how to solve it. I am quite sure that most people do not know what to do when it comes to making a difference in the world. Many of us go into "The Struggle" with anger and do things that are perhaps not exactly Good. Becoming greater is not something that is done with stickers, political drunken argument, spray tagging, riots or other street violence. I have my fair share of experience with all of these things, so I can safely say that it does not build anything Good for the future. Quite the contrary, in fact.

    This is namely what all these movements of the current time do, at least most of them. You know, the VISA card membership revolutionaries. Just a rule of thumb, don't ever join any "dissident group" that takes VISA and Mastercard. It is obviously fake and that stuff is only there for ease of registering you. The proponents of such a group will be very fast to bandy words such as "paranoid" about, but who in their shoes would not? The good news is that people are waking up now, despite the anti-social behavior of entire movements and obvious government plants. They are listening to the message, despite how these people by and large are acting.

    Alright, so the problem is defined as such: the current movements and the behavior they foster with the sort of "activism", internal culture and acceptance of any sort of behavior.

    The solution must then be as follows:
    to not be part of these gangs and only ever join groups that are clean and who throw out people who act like white trash. Groups that act constructively and build community rather than being masters at vandalism, riots, idiocy and littering. Join movements or create movements that focus on traditional living, healthy lifestyle, spirituality, tight-knit community and enterprise. The Adversary knows these things and this is why his minions, particularly the jewish ones, are a hell of a lot more influential. The reason people are reacting now is not because their strategy is bad, but because what they are now rather obviously using their influence for is rather evil. So it is actually rather simple: be as pure as you can, be good and do good things out of love. Build things, work hard, create and develop. Instead of going out littering, write something of quality. Paint, compose, sing, learn. Anything that is constructive is Good. Having open movements at all is something that might not be advisable in most European countries and North America due to how flooded those would be by pure trash and government plants put there to create friction inside it and with normal people. So work alone or with people you know well instead. Working by spreading propaganda online as well as enterprising and creating local initiatives of people moving closer to one another in order to live better and richer lives... Now that is something.

    How would that look, then? It does not need to be overtly special in any way. You could be a few guys who get or have the necessary competence to start up your own company. Whether that is car repairs, a law firm, farming, manufacture or a bakery is up to what and who you are. It is a definite benefit if you also live within shouting distance of one another and that you take up hobbies which are both social, improve the lives of everyone and which also makes life rich. Examples of that would be sports, dancing, hunting and such things that people used to do in the old days. Also, hunting keeps you armed and living close to one another, if society becomes an unsafe and bad place. Also, be part of institutions and organizations, do not isolate yourself from reality or "muggles" who do not believe like we do. Do not offend them unless they truly deserve it, but convince people of the good of your way of life just by living and being Good. Also: do not go around looking like trash. To some extent, the clothes make the man.
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    Every people has its Creator, obviously. The jewish people, for instance, have their demon who eats them when they die. They don't have immortal souls, in that regard, only a sort of jewish spirit and demonic connection. This is why they act like they do, religious or not, when they enter this world. They live decadent like no other people on earth.

    All dark peoples have their gods, more often demons. Some have souls, most do not. All white people have souls, the thing that differs is how many times we have been here and how much we have evolved over these times and that in between. Our God is obviously the light and Good One and has been spread with the aryan peoples all over the earth. Many peoples who are not exactly pure worship the God of the aryans with mixed results. Most really dark people worship demons and evil lesser gods. They were created by those and do not have immortal souls the way aryans do. This is why they almost never are quality individuals. Since our God truly is supreme, I think they were all created in order to provide us with adversaries. Stones against which we may sharpen our swords. Evolve. There are anomalies, especially among mixed people, but by and large this is what is what.
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    So are you advancing Monolatry in stating the different creators of the races, or claiming that Negro races are part-demon like the Nephilim? Or, indeed, both?
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    Perhaps one, perhaps both. I am quite sure when it comes to us, but I am no expert on them. Studying jews is something I do much, but I do not spend much time experiencing negroes or reading about them. What I do know is that they are not of God. The fundamentalist Mormon explanation that they are the Seed of Cain might hold some water.

    Funny Pangloss should mention Joseph Smith. :) I am no Mormon, but I can appreciate them most of the time. Some of my friends are. They live well and do good, most times. Just sad they worship the joos so much as they do.

    The jews are interesting. I don't think they were created, per se. Perhaps they are a mix of everything there is, and that they are thus detested by most gods who have a people. So they worship their demon. Or perhaps they were created by the demon with scavenged pieces of filth from the four corners of the world.
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    This is a fine piece of work you have initiated, Manu. I share much of the same perspective, and so I hope that it grows into something that can engage the efforts of a goodly number of people. BTW, that’s a great Arcadian painting of Väinemöinen.
    I’m glad to hear that last statement. I’ve been attempting to talk about these realities for a long time, complete with graphics, but not many people take it seriously, at least in the white racial community. Here’s a post I made with links to sources of detailed information, some of it scientific, supporting your experiential and intuitional conclusions:

    I think there’s a certain combination of white racial & spiritual awareness (perhaps rare, unfortunately) that makes some general ideas seem obvious. I feel I share this perspective with Manu, and heartily affirm his basic thrust, but your comments require us to take the inevitable plunge into the devilish details. Here’s a thread from back in the early days of the forum which expressed my take on it at the time:
    The Source of Spirit

    Excerpt: Therefore it's right and fitting and enlightened for white people to have a White God in whose image they can recognize the One Source of all creation, yet who speaks and resonates especially to them in a way that will be grasped by no other people.

    You can see that my conclusion is the same as Manu’s, but I arrived at it from a different direction: the Divine Oneness which is the One Source of all creation. In the next post, One Spirit, Many Gods, I gave a little chart which to my mind is worth a thousand words of deep verbal doo-doo and exactly answers your question ~ though I don’t know if it will strike your mind in the same way.

    Again I completely agree with the quoted statement by Manu, but I have a more detailed conception of it, in fact a whole mythos, which has been evolving over the years. Here's an early version of it:
    Once and Future Thule

    The concept there was that the White Gods (advanced metaphysical entities, hyperdimensional beings) created the human species by altering the DNA of homo erectus. In keeping with traditional Yuga doctrine, this first “root race” was the best, and it’s all been going downhill ever since. The original race/species was white, and devolution began when they intermated with the hominids; this was the origin of the other races.

    My new improved version is still at an early stage, only one chapter:
    An Occult History of the White Race

    And here’s the first paragraph:
    There is a distinct White Spirit, filled with the light of Supernal Oneness yet adamantly bounded by our racial genome, separate from the spirits of other peoples. This was so from the very beginning, for our birth came with an infusion of the White Light into earthly matter, bringing into being the people who were later called Cro Magnon. Their sudden appearance in Europe 40,000 years ago has yet to be explained by material science ~ for the truth is that we did not arise from the apes, but came down from the heavens.

    In this conception, the evolution of homo sapiens proceeded pretty much according to the latest Darwinian notions, out of Africa and down through southeast Asia to Australia; except I specify that they were all black racially ~ it was strictly homo negrensis until our ancestors arrived. So this time the fall was a matter of the Thuleans interbreeding with the negros ~ it was simply miscegenation rather than bestiality, engendering the whole range of the brown and less-than-white races. And of course the long-term outcome was the same.

    If this sounds a bit like science fiction, be advised that there are some complex metaphysics behind it, matching certain teachings of Shaivite Hinduism, Gnosticism, and even good ol’ Faustian science. The natural tendency of creation is to sink ever deeper into matter = Prakriti, Pistis Sophia, entropy; but the Infinitely Compassionate Creator sends forth his light and redeeming power which impacts the dark creation and uplifts it. And the natural way in which this pure white light of Spirit manifests on Earth is in the form of humans with pure white physical bodies. I don’t have time to spin out all the implications now, but I feel they go a long way toward answering the questions you posed above.
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  8. Raisin

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    Despite being plagued with nausea, I spent my half-insensate afternoon reading through these various threads; In particular, the thread on Souls was, overall, not that disagreeable. However, I do suspect we differ somewhat in our methodology, you and I.

    As to your contentions, in White Spirit you say:

    "In the past people have always looked to Gods and their Avatars to bring down the fire of Spirit to Earth, and many still do. By this means the undifferentiated Supernal radiance is filtered through a medium that gives it a shape and form which can be recognized by many people, not just enlightened individuals." [....] "Therefore it's right and fitting and enlightened for white people to have a White God in whose image they can recognize the One Source of all creation"

    Well, I am rather sceptical of how warranted you were to say 'Therefore.' Even accepting a 'Higher' (i.e. more fundamental) plane of ontologies and metaphysical categories, we may indeed speculate that certain entities are subject to less categorical restrictions than others, ipso facto possessing a greater scope, which they may utilise to interact with us lowly creatures in a possibly exalting manner. However, within this framework, to ascribe such a state to individuals requires some form of revelatory awareness; And I'm sure you're aware how epistemologically fragile Special Revelation is when presented to others. If we, instead, think of 'White Gods' in terms of General Revelation, we encounter, it appears to me, the notion of Tutelar Gods, - which are notoriously arbitrary in their manifestation, ranging from gods for races, gods for nations, gods for professions, gods for types of object... And so on, ad nauseum. I do not see why we should posit a sort of spiritual Simalcrum for a particular group; And were we to do so, what reason there would be to limit ourselves: Would it be fitting and enlightening for people with blue doors to have blue-door gods to account for the spiritual quality of passing through a blue threshold, like some sort of prismatically divided Cardea?

    Conversely, we could reverse the necessity: A [prior] quiddity does not entail an archetypical [posterior] haecceity, but rather each quiddity exists only as a categorical emanation from the quirks of a haecceity to begin with; As in, the ontology of a quiddity is grounded in the accidents of a supernal entity, - of who's image all particular instantiations of that quiddity are made, in much the same respect as beings share similarities with the parents from whom they proceeded. This, however, would first require a discussion on the nature of Universals, before it is to be accepted.

    (I don't think we need to quibble about with how unacceptable your stance on multiple gods would be to adherents of particular religions in question; Your stance would contradict a personal actus primus, which is the grounding principle of all rigorous monotheistic systems.)

    As for your work on Thule,
    In this respect, I am more interested in the metaphysics which lead to the formal structure of your account, rather than the particular substance moulded around it, at present. I mean, for example, I would need to know whether your system leads [formally] to consubstantiation or transubstantiation, before we even begin to discuss the [substantial] particular means of preparing the Eucharist.
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  9. Plantagenet

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    I don't entirely disagree, or rather I should say I am open to these ideas but haven't studied them enough to come to my own conclusions, but I have to ask two questions in relation to this proposition:

    1) What is the relationship between Mongoloids, specifically the Northeast Asian "Sinid" or "Nordsinid" type of Northern China, Korea, Japan, etc. to this root race? In other words, how did this group form? I ask because I've always respected this group as generally equal to or second to our own, especially considering China possessing a high level of civilization dating back to pre-history and always possessing high wisdom traditions, i.e. Daoism and later their own forms of Buddhism like Chan/Zen. What produced this group according to your theory and how are they related, if at all, to that original root race?

    2) If the white European race is inherently superior, what are the causes and conditions that lead to our current loathsome state and the decline of high wisdom traditions in the Western world? I don't deny the superiority of our own race in many regards, but when I see what surrounds me, mostly manifested among individuals of the white European race, I wonder how this could be? Even if we accept that it is the result of propaganda or indoctrination or some other external cause, wouldn't a inherently noble and superior race be able to resist it? Why does our own group eat up the modern Marxist nonsense perhaps more so than any other?
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  10. JosephRex

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    It sounds like you’ve gone through a very positive change, and your ideas about creating community have progressed in a constructive direction. (y)
    I hate to quote this out of the larger positive context, but I think that the real-life collective practice of spirituality is tremendously empowered when everyone calls God (and the Gods) by the same name(s), and recognizes him/them in the same imagery. I feel that the White God as you present him is way too generic. I know you were trying to patch up destructive differences of belief, but people need to sense their God as a tangible presence, a real being, a powerful force, someone who will respond to their prayers and intervene in their lives, even if it is in invisible ways.

    Prayer is a psychic-spiritual force that works by natural laws, not “superstition” at all. Its power is increased qualitatively when it’s done collectively. If one person prays to Jesus, another evokes Wotan and a third implores Väinemöinen, it won’t be collective, even if they share your belief that all are really the same God, and the result will only reflect the piddling individual forces. The essence of prayer is ritual magic, and participating in ritual tremendously enhances and strengthens a community. You’ve done it yourself at Midsummer and the other festivals. In seeking to create new living traditions we can combine meaningful elements from many of the old ones, but they have to be integrated in an organic way, guided by a unified Spirit.
    I’ve steered clear of the muggles for most of my life, and was hoping to remain separate from them in the community I envision. But if the community YOU envision becomes a reality, I’ll be happy to make an exception! ;)

    I suspect we differ in which bandwidths of the reality spectrum we apperceive and possibly inhabit; methodology is merely a function of this.
    Despite your rhetorical use of the word, it’s clear that you have never personally encountered any of the myriad tutelary deities who inhabit certain bandwidths; many of them inspire wonder and exaltation rather than nausea. But since this was your second use of the term, I suspect the problem may lie in a dyspeptic constitution.
    The doctrinal split that led to the first mass bloodletting between Catholics and Protestants. Such hairsplitting is best consigned to the dustbin of history, IMO.

    You seem to have a fine-honed and well-convoluted mind, and everything you said is intelligible to me intellectually. But I don’t see what your purpose is, the actual point of your conversation.

    There’s one little essay I wrote awhile back which may be up your alley: The Second Coming of Q. I still get occasional emails from readers who assume I’m interested in logic & such for its own sake, but this was not my purpose in writing it; the theory was merely the delivery system for a larger agenda. A white fraternal order I was associated with liked 2CQ so much that they did it up as a little folded pamphlet and distributed it in the manner of a religious tract. Thus I knew that I had accomplished something with this piece ~ I had rendered service to a goodly number of kindred souls. This is my purpose.

    As far as I can see from your post, you’re all in your head ~ the whole thing is strictly intellectual. But I see this as discognate with the subject-matter. It’s like muggles indulging in long speculative arguments about magic.

    Right, this is a question that naturally spins out from the hypothesis, and I did think of it. However, since I’m only at chapter one of the improved version, I have higher priorities for the rest of it; I see this issue as relevant but secondary. However, please feel free to speculate on it yourself, and to share any interesting thoughts!

    BTW, my methodology is that the Faustian disciplines like anthropology serve the myth, not vice versa. Then an impeccably-crafted myth becomes true on a higher band of the reality spectrum.

    It’s pretty loathsome, all right!
    External causes go well beyond cognitive factors & such. Here’s my take on it: Genetic Reuptake. I.e., the “take” is the description of the loathsome present reality which I present before the reuptake. Since the main cause is tech civilization itself, the inhabitants of the more “civilized” parts of the world got hit first and hardest. But now halleluyah, the “third” world is “developing” and catching up with our degeneration! Soon it’ll all be a uniform sludge in the melting pot… unless we accomplish the reuptake.
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