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The Semi-Permanent Interregnum Regency Justification for the Modernist World

Discussion in 'Political Theory & Philosophy' started by PrinceRomanicus, 19 June 2017.

  1. PrinceRomanicus

    PrinceRomanicus Senior Member

    Greetings Lumine Boreali, I've been away for a while and barely posted anything since I drifted a bit away from pure Traditionalism due to its inflexibility in operating in a world where traditions have been nearly eradicated. Where there are no traditions the solution is organically create them again in communities which is a painfully slow process. So I contemplated a way to justify some method where traditionalist can create new governments while still following their ideals.

    I know it is Anathema to:
    1. Be a Self-Proclaimed Monarch
    2. Be a Self-Proclaimed Noble
    3. Create Republic (Usually, Classical Republics are too Bourgeoisie)
    4. Party Politics in General
    5. Have the Bourgeoisie Mindset

    Traditionalist Requirements for Worthy Leaders and Warrior-Ascetics:
    1. Physical Self-Improvement
    2. Spiritual Self-Improvement
    3. Extreme Discipline

    Traditionalist principles are by their design fundamentally the opposite of activism, activist want to subvert, change, and destroy. Traditionalism wants to create and that is much slower. I can't help but feel Traditionalism is too "immobile" to the point that alternatives that synthesized some aspects of modernism such as Fascism and Religious Fundamentalism are capable of enacting more effect in the political world than Traditionalism. In fact Traditionalist view politics as coming from the community of people and their actions not something to be enacted from ideologies. Hence much more slower to create change in a world so devoid of tradition.

    While other Right-Wing Authoritarians and the slightly more Modernist Nationalist can still turn their beliefs into ideologies that can "infect" any corpse; Traditionalist have to somehow find a way to perform miracles of resurrection just to function now that everything is dead.

    So I thought of the mental gymnastics necessary for Traditionalist to participate in a country so devoid of Tradition, I call it the Semi-Permanent Interregnum Regency Justification. This might sound like a penned manifesto ideology, but I would say it is not, it is more of a thought exercise.

    Imagine this, you are a Traditionalist, but you are a commoner. Under traditionalist values you are not worthy to be a Monarch unless you are as amazing as Charlemagne himself in performing extraordinary deeds with the blessing of a legitimate religious figure of all things. Of course, populism to be a dictator is not allowed because that is too modernist. There is no historical monarchy in your country or the existing royal families are no longer traditionalist and are probably Pro-Eu Globalist. Same scenario for nobility. You then form a traditionalist community and rapidly recruit people to reject modernism using wither ethnic nationalism or religion or both.

    Your community grows and in fact you can take over your parent modernist country you lived in. If you want to take over you reason with yourself that overthrowing the modernist state is okay because modernist states are fundamentally illegitimate. But after you take over you might feel like a modernist state yourself, you are not a king or a noble and your government is filled with only commoners since there is no king or nobles anywhere AND you can't arbitrarily make new ones or it is deemed illegitimate. If your community instead decides to secede instead of take over, you can still use this justification.

    So this is where the Regency Justification comes from, you declare this new government to simply be a Regency until God sends you a legitimate monarch. That's basically it. You then try to make sure your Regency enacts policies that benefit traditionalism and wait for the day you can somehow interpret a certain person to be Divinely Appointed. You purge any modernist influence and wait for traditions to organically develop while the modernist are at least all gone for now. My logic is that you must also purge modernist and develop tradition, doing the latter without the former is not going to go well. One can argue the entire Kali Yuga Era is one giant Interregnum Regency until a new rebirth.

    I was inspired by this Entity: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imperial_Throne
    Long Story Short: The Chairman of the Russian Monarchist Party decides to make a Micronation, he proclaims the rebirth of the Russian Empire but he for now renames it as the "Imperial Throne". He is the Prime Minister with no monarch. Then he keeps bothering the remaining living Romanovs until one of them agrees to be the Emperor. Now he has an Emperor and he is the "Archchancellor". He is campaign all lands that Russian Colonized in the past that is no longer part of Russia and eventually all of Russia itself to be under the rule of the Imperial Throne with him as the Archchancellor. Essentially the Regency Justification is what this man did except it is assumed you never found a legitimate monarch to rule.

    Any Thoughts, Ideas, and Suggestions would be Appreciated.
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