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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Pachakuti_Runa, 26 September 2018.

  1. Pachakuti_Runa

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    I am a young male from South America. Pachakuti means a transformation of the cosmos or the world turned upside down.

    Im interested in:

    - Andean prehistory
    - Political demography
    - Neo-Malthusianism

    - Ancient andean religion
    - Religious periodization systems

    I expect to contribute to the discussion of traditionalist ideas.
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  2. Manu

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    1. Norden
    2. Knights of the Iron Cross

    Just geographically or genetically as well? If so, why the fascination with the Waffen SS?

    South American prehistory is very interesting. How red-pilled are you on the subject?
  3. Pachakuti_Runa

    Pachakuti_Runa Junior Member

    Both, i am a mestizo as the majority of the Latin-American population. My father is white and my mother is brown-skinned.

    I like Serrano writings and he mentions many times how a castle related to the SS had more than 40.000 volumes of proto-history. Thats why im interested, also nat-soc and everything around him is interesting at his own.

    I know Serrano believes in the White gods existence on south american civilizations and he refers to archaeological evidence to corroborate this (Mathieu findings and various suggestive objects) if you are thinking on that as red-pilled...
    I havent read this ideas profoundly to make an informated opinion.

    That aside i love all the ancient andean states (Tiwanaku, Moche, Wari, Chimu, among many) and im dedicated to studying the general evidence of the social procesess in the region. Im looking to apply some new scientifical theories to existing data and publish papers about it in international journals.

    PD: Sorry for the poor english
  4. Arboreality

    Arboreality Member

    Welcome to Lumine Boreali, Pachakuti_Runa. I've studied Andean prehistory and mythology to some extent, it's very intriguing stuff.
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