Veils of the Black Sun

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    In a secluded castle in a German valley, a group of knights are performing a holy rite. There are twelve of them, members of the top tier of an elite martial order. They are in a circular chamber with twelve pillars around the circumference; each knight stands in front of a pillar at the beginning of the ritual, as they chant a sacred song. Then all move forward in unison to form a tighter circle around the center of the chamber, which is also the central axis of the castle's tower; and they firmly believe that if their working is successful, it will become the axis mundi, the center of the world, at least for the duration of the rite. They draw their swords and hold them aloft while chanting an invocation. In response another knight steps forth from the shadows and strides purposively to the center, where he stands attentively erect beneath the swords. He is Heinrich Himmler, the head of the order, the Reichsführer SS.

    Himmler and the twelve are garbed in the regalia of medieval knights, but the year is 1943, and the castle is Wewelsburg, the SS stronghold in Westphalia. Himmler stands on the stone-inlaid sigil of the Black Sun, with its twelve reversed sig-runes radiating from the center, which holds a golden disk engraved with a secret signet. Himmler draws his own sword, points it straight upward, and begins another chant, echoed by the twelve. They sheathe their swords and raise their arms so that each man's body forms a Life-rune, Algiz, which they call the MAN-rune. The twelve grasp hands in this posture, forming a circuit of psychic force around Himmler, who faces north, his arms reaching out to the heavens.

    The thirteen men now chant a series of mantras, in which can be heard the names of runes and Gods, and certain words of power. Their voices all rise in a crescendo of O Schwarze Sonne! And heaven responds: a ray of green light lasers down from the zenith straight through the spine of Himmler and strikes the gold plate at his feet, turning it into a radiant emerald. There is a glimpse of the immensity of space spinning around the axis, at the top of which is the portal of the polar star. A disk of light appears above the men, a hovering saucer in which the presence of elder guides can be felt, filling their hearts with courage and their souls with light. Then the vision fades, heaven closes up, and the men chant a hymn to seal the power within them. Their final salute and chant is "Sieg Heil! Heil Hitler!" Then they silently file from the chamber.


    To be continued
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    ...and everybody clapped.
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    1. Norden
    2. Knights of the Iron Cross

    It sounds a lot like what it was. This really gave me the shivers. Desperate times.
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