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Western Religious Music

Discussion in 'Music' started by Pangloss, 20 May 2016.

  1. Svíar

    Svíar Heroic Member Sustaining Member

    A couple of gems. Might've broken the rule about Western music with the Byzantine chants but it was simply too good to leave out.

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  2. Boreas

    Boreas Senior Member Staff Member Sustaining Member

    The first one is my almost daily beginning hymn. What warriors of Christ and what surroundings!
  3. tmcfarlane

    tmcfarlane Recruit

    Great hymns, i'm very interested in Greek Orthodoxy but I am not well acquainted with Orthodox religious customs. Perhaps it is something I should delve into.

    Fantastic nevertheless.
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  4. Pangloss

    Pangloss Senior Member

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  5. Svíar

    Svíar Heroic Member Sustaining Member

    An hour of pure greatness.

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