What are you reading now?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Werifesterian, 16 July 2017.

  1. Div

    Div Junior Member

    Letters from a stoic by seneca, good shit
  2. Azaeroe

    Azaeroe Member

    Monsieur Louis-Ferdinand Céline's Journey
  3. Plantagenet

    Plantagenet Heroic Member

    Trioedd Ynys Prydein by Rachel Bromwich at the moment. Try to up my game on Brythonic lore after discovering I descend from the Strathclyde Britons (something I had already suspected based on my surname etymology and surname distribution within Scotland and Northern England.)

    Honestly you might think there might be more books about metaphysics or praxis or just general sacred texts from me here, but over the past 8 years or more I've read so many of them that they all sort of blend together and repeat themselves. In this arena I am firmly in the realm of doing rather than reading and I don't think reading further in these areas (or at least intensively) will do much for my own spiritual life and goals.
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  4. hyperboreanwolf

    hyperboreanwolf Recruit

    Ride the Tiger. I want to read Miguel Serrano next. Or maybe something by Carl Jung.
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  5. Andúril

    Andúril Junior Member

    Currently reading two books. Reading through The Lord of the Rings again, and reading a book called The Wisdom of the Middle Ages by Michael K. Kellogg.
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  6. Azaeroe

    Azaeroe Member

  7. Plantagenet

    Plantagenet Heroic Member

    Currently I am rereading parts of the excellent Daoist anthology by Thomas Cleary, Vitality, Energy, and Spirit, in particular those sections dealing with "Ancestor Lu", namely Lu Dongbin, legendary founder of neidan or Daoist internal alchemy.

    Have two books on the way which will be my next on my reading list, namely Indo-European Sacred Space: Vedic and Roman Cult by Roger D. Woodard and The Mysteries of Stonehenge: Myth and Ritual at the Sacred Centre by Nikolai Tolstoy. The latter seems, based on the table of contents and what I've heard from others, less directly about Stonehenge itself and its origins, constructions, meaning to the Neolithic people, etc. so much as a massive compendium of Brythonic Celtic lore, especially that touching on concepts dealing with an omphalos and how Stonehenge may have been appropriated to that purpose by the Celts.
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  8. Azaeroe

    Azaeroe Member

    Tale of Genji
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  9. Manu

    Manu Señor Member Sustaining Member
    1. Norden
    2. Knights of the Iron Cross

    Since I last posted in november, I have read an absolute ton of books. I would STRONGLY recommend "Survive the Economic Collapse: a practical guide" by Piero san Giorgio. It is a reality check that a lot of people need. I needed it, and I have been preparing for it for years already.

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  10. Azaeroe

    Azaeroe Member

    Various English poets but I would like to zone in on a Wordsworth biography before returning to auncient poesy.
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