Women Prefer Warriors

Discussion in 'Anthropology' started by VedicViking, 6 October 2013.

  1. VedicViking

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    1. Britons

    Women are sexually attracted to men with a penchant for violence… which is convenient, as I’m about to start compiling my fighting knowledge for nationalist-consumption (that’s you lot ;)) Starting with boxing lessons. Stay tuned.

    Have a read:

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  2. Kratoarchist

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    Well that's a bit too general of a statement. A man doesn't become a warrior simply by being violent, he also has to take up a good sense of values.

    By the same logic, an attractive woman won't automatically be a good wife, because she also has to spiritually complete her husband, and compliment him as his missing half, as it was in the beginning, and ever shall be.
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  3. Kalevanpoika

    Kalevanpoika Member

    Women don't prefer warriors - they prefer men who can guarantee their safety in the environment they are living in, but most importantly men who can guarantee the survival of their children in the best possible conditions. In a chaotic and violent environment, women do prefer warriors.

    On the opposite, when the environment is extremely un-violent like in modern Europe, many women prefer feminine men who are less likely to leave them or act violent towards them, and more likely to care for their children. This has been shown by many studies. Just take a look how the male idols looked from a century to now on - from such a badass as Frank Sinatra to Justin Bieber. We masculine men are a dying breed.
  4. Kratoarchist

    Kratoarchist Member

    We aren't just a dying breed, we are death, or at least the physical embodiment of it.

    Don't give up hope just yet, the universe has one more job for us to finish up, and people of our character are the only ones who can help see it through to the end.
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  5. VedicViking

    VedicViking Third Lieutenant Sustaining Member
    1. Britons

    No, women prefer strong, dominant, cool-under-pressure alpha males for sex. Men exhibiting the masculine virtues. And they want relatively more feminine, kind-hearted, generous beta males for long-term relationships. Men who exhibit the general moral virtues. Their absolute ideal is a synthesis of the two (synthesis of the masculine virtues + moral virtues = the hero.) But most men aren’t the ideal so they settle.

    And I’m sure your Sinatra/Bieber comparison is more an example of the progressive feminisation of Western men than anything to do with women’s sexual preferences (i.e. an overwhelming majority of modern women would rather sleep with Sinatra than Bieber.)
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  6. Kalevanpoika

    Kalevanpoika Member

    Exactly. The female reproduction strategy is to have a stable, unpredictable and effeminate man to raise her children, while at the same time hang out in the Mongols MC club in order to have the seed of Genghis Khan.

    (I chose this analogy because the seed ot Genghis Khan - who in turn perfected the male reproductional strategy - can still be seen strong in Middle Asia in the genetic studies. He approximately impregnated something like 10,000 females in his lifetime.)

    Their absolute ideal is the President of the Mongols MC, who will not touch other women and be a good father. ;)

    Exactly. Sleep. Once. But when it comes to ideals of the modern world, masculine men belong to the stone age.
  7. Kalevanpoika

    Kalevanpoika Member

    And of course I'm not saying men and women are just mindless replications of some simple evolutionary strategies - we're all intelligent beings, for God's sake. But when we live in a society ruled by the masses, the society will sometimes be shaped by the lowest common denominator.
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  8. Well, actually in the long term that is probably not true. Let the bell curve grow all it wants at the bottom and expand its scope - the future belongs to the top either way. That's how evolution (eventually) works. All that is required is a lot of patience. ;)
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  9. Kalevanpoika

    Kalevanpoika Member

    I tend to agree. But what I know about "evolution", (aka. "Mother Nature, the bloodthirsty bitch"), she usually has it her way which involves lots of testosterone and the other kind of Ghenghis Khan strategy than reproductional - violence.
  10. Saesenthesis

    Saesenthesis Senior Member

    hah, we'll see how will it attract them when he acquaints her to domestic violence.

    I'm against this gorilla-slug dichotomy. There's wide variety of men in between. Though I find it curious that some of the most pompous and individualistic women I know have this sado-mazo fetish even though they want caring men to love them 'n' stuff.

    Mother nature gives people potentials, how they chose to use them is reflection of their own nature.
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