Works of literature which embody traditional spirit

Discussion in 'Literature' started by Posidonius, 19 December 2018.

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    Having just finished Yukio Mishima's short story Patriotism, I must say that I have found it to be absolutely brilliant. To say even more, I was mesmerized with its grandeur and aristocratic beauty, and by the end completely overwhelmed with the highest of feelings. And frankly speaking, I think that all true art should lead to something comparable – which is what I believe people like Coomaraswamy and Schuon have also thought.

    In light of this, in this thread I propose to share specifically those works of literature which have inspired something noble in you, and particularly those qualities and feelings which in traditional men were a norm. In addition to Mishima's Patriotism, I would also mention Plutarch's Life of Alexander and Joséphin Péladan's Curieuse – though the latter is still not translated into English.

    Ah, and Ernst Jünger's Storm of Steel is also oftentimes mentioned in this connection, though as for myself I have still not read it.
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  2. Azaeroe

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    Moravagine - Monsieur Blaise Cendrars
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