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    What are your views on the yoga traditions of the world, both the archaic, ancient, traditional and the modern "subversive" yoga practices? What does the word Yoga mean to you? Have you studied any yoga traditions or practised yoga in some form?

    The way I see the higher Yoga today is actually so simple that it cannot be put into words, only the very name Unification which is the basis of the name Yoga can explain this rather nicely. What I do from waking to sleeping is try to unite into my highest emotions, thoughts and I cry out silently, without words, the Great Power of the Universe, that could be called the "Over-God" by some terminology.

    There are six schools of Yoga traditionally as you may be aware. I have tried the hatha-yoga and ashtanga yoga in some point, but they didn't work well for me because of my temperament, and this is why I someway look the physicalistic impression and focusing on the physical centres as a wrong way. The focus should be in our etheric - that is, spiritual and ethical - vehicles that are the souuce of our physical seven nerve centres which are only the materialisation and "the great prison" into which we are locked because of the fall of man. The true Raja-yoga, the yoga of Kings and Rulers of the Spiritual Empires, requires no physical postures absolutely, it is pure noetic activity and a practice so simple that most people walk always past this treasure that is under their very eyes and "closer than your jugular vein", to quote an islamic / sufi saying.

    Here are some practical prayers and invocations of mine that I mentally process and try to transcend:

    "Lucifer-Christos*, the Son and Daughter of God, the Sun and the Moon, the fire of Love and the cold light of Nous, the light of Understanding and Love and Pure Divine Will, guide me and I'll follow your advice. May all the lower vehicles of mine be purified under your name from all obscurity, falsehood, pride, vanity and impure lust, the lord of understanding and love, My Master, I pledge myself into your service and follow your advice. Unlock and open the doors of paradise for me to see, so that all impurity and falsehood flee from me. May the doors of where evil dwells be closed for ever and ever. Theotokos Lucifer-Christos, may the Christ child be born in my heart for aeons to come and for ever and ever. In nomine Patri, Filii et Spiritus Sancti. Amen, Amen, Ameth."

    *Lucifer-Christos instead of Jesus Christos because of me not wanting to make an idol of Jesus, who was according to my understanding the symbol and example of the initiate of the ruby fire, the puncturing of one's own heart and the highest representative of Lucifer (manas) and Christ (buddhi) in this planet thus far. Christ "redeemed Lucifer" from his fall by uniting with him and transcending the essence of the light bearer into the Cosmic Christ.

    "I am not earth. I am not this. I am not the water, I am not this. I am not the wind, I am not this. I am not the Fire, I am not this. From all this I detach and fly away like ther Eagle of Heaven."

    With this one can think about the elements running through ones material body and try to get access instead into the Great Elements out of which our material elements are only the symbol and expression locked into the prison of time and space. The mental imagining of the Upwards pointing pentagram that connects, includes and transcedns the four base elements, can be helpful

    I'll not make any more observations for starters and wait for your possible comments.
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    There is the yoga of stillness and yoga of action. The six schools correspond to the six chakras and their essentials and is about unifying all them into the Great Work by making ourselves whole in the limited and with one-pointed determination unify all our faculties to serve spiritual aims.

    I can't see what demonism has anything to do with this. Of course there are false yogis who have fallen in their tests and trials. Yoga is the school of neutrality and objectivity and completely amoral, beyond goid and evil. You first build the sunship of your own and travel with it to the other shore but there's no point to carry the boat after you have reached the land of the Supreme Immortals beyond the cosmos, hyle and death.

    Shiva is the great initiator and the poison drinker; by following his example we must inhale and consume the poison of the world and transcend them into the essential unity without spreading our own suffering into outer / external world.
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